A downloadable game for Windows

Harvesty is a real-time strategy game where you have 5 minutes before you are attacked by Orc invaders.

Build your economy and army to fight off the Orcs and win the game. The current demo is the "arcade mode" of the game. Many more game modes are planned


  • Standard Mode - Day and Night cycle with enemies that come out in the night. Indefinite time so long as your colony survives!
  • Sandbox Mode - No time limit and you are free to build with no enemies.
  • Multiplayer Mode - Befriend or battle your friends!
  • Races - Play as many different fantasy races to spice up your colony with unique buildings, units and upgrades.
  • More building types
  • More unit types
  • Day-Night cycle with day night
  • Farming

This game is currently on hold so i can work on other projects. I do plan on coming back to this in the future and adding features but there is currently no ETA on when that will be.




Harvesty.exe 5 MB


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Nice mini-game, waiting new modes...