Alpha 1 Released!

Hello everyone. Wow its been 2 years since I've written one of these. I've just released the first alpha version for Deadwind and it's available to download here, or on the main page. Just wanted to run through some of the major additions that have been added since the original pre-alpha demo.

Open World

Deadwind now features a fully fledged open world. Though sparse for this first version, You can enter any tile of the world map and it will take you to that corresponding area. You can even walk to the edge of an area to generate the next one over. With the world map size having 46,364 tiles of terrain, and each area having 16,320 tiles within it, That means the world technically contains 756,660,480 tiles on the surface. Plenty of space for future discovery, locations, mini-events, and creatures to inhabit.

Currently there's 3 main biomes. Grassland/forest, snow, and mushroom. Caves and Dungeons right now only generate in the grassland/forest biome that takes up the main portion of the map though in the future, dungeons and locations will be added to the other two biomes with unique monsters to fight.


There's caves and dungeons that dot the map. You can enter those areas from the world map and the dungeon/cave entrance will be located in that area. Caves and dungeons have multiple floors and you can move up and down between them. Dungeons are kind of small and arent as engaging as i'd like them to be yet but the tech is there and will be expanded upon in future versions.

Each location will contain one of 3 enemies: Goblins/Hobgoblins, Bandits/Outlaws, and Green/Orange/Red Oozemasses. Goblins are the weakest monsters, with Hobgoblins being slightly stronger. Bandits are harder to kill, and Oozemasses are very powerful monsters. In the future I'm looking to add more variety to the types of monsters that can spawn in these caves (instead of goblin only caves, maybe goblins, bats, and ghosts for example, and another one may be goblins, ghosts, and imps).


Right now there's 3 human towns on the map and all are on the western side of the map: MyrefellDuskrest, and Rosenvale. There's still a lot of empty buildings in the towns and interiors have not been finished yet but the more important things are there. Mainly shopkeepers that you can buy and sell goods to.

This version has 2 quests. One written, and the other is sort of a radiant quest (similar to Skyrim). Myrefell contains the written one and Duskrest contains the radiant one.


You can press Q to open up the ability menu, and select an ability to use. Abilities have attribute requirements associated with them and only 3 can be active at a time.  Make sure you use these to their full potential and chain them together to increase your power!

Random/Unique Items

You can get guaranteed random weapons/armor from completing the radiant Duskrest quest, but random items can also drop from monsters occasionally. Random armors will increase your attributes while weapons scale from different attributes. Like a sword that scales with intelligence, or a dagger with charisma scaling.

There's also 3 unique items you can get as random drops from monsters and quest rewards. One is goblin themed, one is a magic circlet, and one is mushroom themed. I'll leave you to find and collect them all.

Anyways, that's most of the big features that were not in the demo. I'll be uploading another devlog soon with a "Next Steps" or "Roadmap" containing what features will be in the works for the next versions after this.

Thanks for playing!


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I'm loving this! Super stylish and lovely. Happy to help with a GM mac build for if you ever need one.

Damn I might actually take you up on this once the game is further along haha. Thanks!

Looks great! Unfortunately, I can't enter towns or any other tile?

Perhaps I am simply missing the key hehe.

Press tab to enter/exit locations