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Hello everyone, I hope you all have had a chance to play the latest version and are enjoying it so far! I just wanted to make this post to talk about what features/changes are going to be made to Deadwind going forward based on feedback and ideas layed out by the community on Discord, as well as ideas I myself believe will help the game.

Tutorial/starting area - Teaches the controls and mechanics.

Options menu - Accessible from pause menu to adjust volume of music and sfx, keybinds

Ice caves - New monsters/generation to accompany this. Yetis, Ice elementals, slippery ice tiles, etc.

Castle dungeon type - Overworld fort with enemies inside.

Mushroom underground - Caves/dungeons that are mushroom biome themed.

More biome types - Swamp, plains, etc.

Treasure challenges within dungeons and caves - Having little areas within dungeons where you can get extra loot should you have the skills. for example, a locked door you need strength to bust open, a spike trap to leap over with dexterity, a magical ward you can to dispel with intelligence/wisdom, etc.

Overworld exploration - Not enough potential for exploration as of yet. Want to introduce little locations to discover, treasure troves, random side quest NPCs etc. will help flesh that out.

Random events - Travelling across the map is too safe/boring. Need to reintroduce some random events that can happen on the road.

Factions - Certain factions with level/fame/glory requirements. Can teach you new abilities while a member. Think necromancer cults, an order of knights, priesthoods, etc.

Random abilities with level up - Every level up you get a choice for 1 of 3 abilities. As I add more abilities, this will be introduced. Will make levelling more impactful and exciting to see what choices you may unlock.

Ability items - Certain rare items will unlock unique abilities  that you can activate while the item is equipped

Anyways, thank you all for playing. The response and feedback has been awesome and super motivating!

Stay tuned for more,


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