Alpha-2 Changelog/Life Update

Hello again everyone!

Deadwind alpha-2 will be releasing this Friday, September 23rd so I thought I'd write this post to summarize and talk about the changes and additions in this upcoming version.

I've also included a little life update at the bottom of this post as there's going to be some big changes moving forward.

New Abilities

  • 14 new abilities.
  • New abilities for different weapon types. Must equip that weapon to use that ability.
  • Targetable abilities.
  • Abilities with reagent costs.
  • Sound effects for all abilities.
  • Added a cooldown next to ability names to show how many turns until the ability can be used again.

Tomes of Knowledge

  • Consumable items that teach you abilities.
  • You no longer start the game knowing all abilities.
  • Must purchase or farm these tomes to learn new abilities.

Options Menu

  • Music/SFX volume settings.
  • Fullscreen toggle.
  • CRT Shader toggle.
  • Low Contrast Mode toggle.

New NPC Portraits

  • 7 new portraits for NPC dialogue.

Town Interiors

  • Most buildings now have interiors with "clutter objects".
  • Tables, chairs, countertops, etc.

Tutorial Sequence

  • Teaches basic controls and gameplay.
  • Start the game as a stowaway on a ship with no memory.

Ice Caves

  • Contains 2 new monsters: Wraiths, and Yeti.
  • Wraiths drop "Cryotheum Dust"; a reagent used to cast one of the new spells.
  • More cavernous generation. Still experimenting...


  • New offhand items that simply boost an attribute while equipped.
  • Purchasable from merchants, and farmable from hobgoblins, bloodfiends and bandits/outlaws.

Numpad Controls

  • You can now use the numpad to move, attack, and navigate menus.
  • Trad roguelike players rejoice!

Dungeon Entrance Locations/Pointers

  • Dungeon entrance locations within an "Area" are now random within the room.
  • Added on-screen pointers that point towards dungeon entrances.
  • Pointers are also present within dungeons to point to stairs up and down.

Location Popups

  • Walking over a location will give a floating text notification and log message.
  • This applies to all dungeon types and towns.

Thanks for reading. In case you missed it, I've recently landed a job with Larian Studios in Tech QA (YAY!!). Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be doing a bunch of apartment research in preparation to move out to Quebec so Deadwind progress might be a little slow.

Moving forward, I'd also like to release smaller updates more frequently as opposed to larger updates every month or two. I think in the future (especially when I start work) this will lead to a better work schedule for me, and less content drought.

Anyways that's all. I hope to see you all playing alpha-2 on Friday <3



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Congrats on the new job! Looking forward to the update!